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About SSPI Mid-Atlantic

SSPI Mid-Atlantic is the regional chapter of the Space and Satellite Professionals International with the purpose of promoting professionalism and education by individuals within all aspects of the satellite and aerospace industries, promoting science, technology, engineering and mathematics education among school-age and working age individuals, and fostering the entry of individuals into the satellite and aerospace industries. 

The SSPI Mid-Atlantic Chapter boasts an energetic and active chapter, with educational and networking events throughout the year. These events support our scholarship program and prize competition, which we hold in partnership with the George Washington University, George Mason University and the University of Maryland, and we look forward to expand this partnership with other local universities.

SSPI Mid-Atlantic Chapter is a non-profit and all funds raised go to support local scholarships and STEM programs.


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SSPI-MA Annual Report

Mission and Vision

SSPI Mid-Atlantic Chapter is an integral part of SSPI's expanded mission to influence public perception of our vital satellite and aerospace industries and their contribution to the world and the information stream upon which modern society depends. Our mission is to make the satellite and aerospace industries one of the world’s best at attracting the talent that powers innovation.