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Join Our Mentoring Program

A critical component of the Space & Satellite Professionals International’s (SSPI) Mid-Atlantic Chapter’s mission is to educate and help influence the next generation of professionals to consider a career within the space and satellite industry. The truth is that even young space enthusiasts know little about our business and often fail to consider careers in this highly dynamic industry that delivers critical connectivity to commercial and government users worldwide.

You have the opportunity to make a difference by joining our Mentoring Program as either a Mentor or Mentee. The Program provides an opportunity for professionals and students to engage in an in-person mentoring relationship for career guidance, knowledge sharing, skills building, specific problem solving, or just a collegial sounding board.

  • Join the program as a Mentee if you are a student  or young professional under the age of 35 in need of a mentor and want to understand the knowledge, skills, and opportunities available in the space and satellite industry.
  • Join the program as Mentor if you are a skilled professional who wants to help educate and inform students and young professionals as they look into or recently started a career in the space and satellite industry.

This annual program starts every fall but you can register at any time. It is an important program that brings great benefits and satisfaction to all that participate.

“While I was optimistic it would be beneficial, it exceeded my expectations with the level of participation and enthusiasm from my mentee.”

“It's a highly rewarding, enriching experience. Happy to be a part of it.”

“Great initiative. Hopefully a program that will grow.”

We look forward to your support and involvement. For more information to get involved contact:



Mentor & Mentee Guidelines

This guidance will assist you in reaching defined objectives, both in the program and personal; define participant roles; offer mentoring best practices; and inform you of the program structure.