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News: The Space Segment

Welcome to The Space Segment, the SSPI Mid-Atlantic Chapter newsletter. 
Be informed on all things regarding your local chapter of Space & Satellite Professionals International. Keep tabs on our next industry events, get highlights from our recent activities, and get a long view on what you should be ready to put on your calendar later in the year. 

Here are the latest articles featured in the latest Space Segment Newsletter.

Podcast Interview with SSPI-MA's Eileen McGowan

SSPI Podcast Features Interview with "Ideal Satellite Industry Executive," Intelsat's Eileen McGowan, SSPI-MA Board Member, and one of the first recipients of the SSPI Promise Award in 2006.   

Ms. McGowan talks about how things have changed in the twelve years since her award, gives specific networking advice for younger professionals, and describes her take on what it’s like for a woman in the satellite industry.  

Check out the whole SSPI Podcast Library on iTunes. Eileen McGowan's interview is the one dated September 26, 2018